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After the Micro/Mini Car World Meet 2021 that was held at the Gilmore Car Museum in June of 2021, a number of people have been asking if we were going to do a Meet in 2022. After finalizing all the details from the 2021 World Meet, it’s time to tell you what we are planning for August 13 & 14, 2022

First, working with the Board of the Micro/Mini Car Club, we felt a World Meet should be something special that does not happen every year. We also noted that there are a number of Micro/Mini Car events that are held almost every year in the four corners of the United States, but nothing consistent in the Midwest.

        1. Florida - Microcar South

        2. Massachusetts - Gould's Microcar/Minicar Classic

        3. CA/AZ - SW Unique Little Car Show

        4. Oregon- Pacific Northwest MicroMeet

        5. Ontario, Canada -MicroNorth 


However, there was a big hole in the middle of the country in terms of a Microcar show. Therefore, our idea was to have a “Meet in the Middle” of the country. To avoid the “been there, done that” repetition, we realized that, perhaps it might appear more of an incentive for the Midwest collector enthusiasts if we rotated the location every year. Perhaps after five years have it return to the Gilmore Car Museum, which you have to admit is a great venue for a Micro/Mini Car Show.

So living in the Chicago area, and not having all that much time to organize the first “Meet in the Middle”, we decided that the first “Meet in the Middle” it will be held in the Chicago area. It is our hope and plan that subsequent years that we can hold the “Meet in the Middle” in various locations around the Midwest. This might include Indianapolis, IN, Columbus, OH, Madison, WI, St. Louis, MO or Nashville, TN. If you would like the Meet in the Middle to come to your city just let us know and we can discuss how we can make it happen.

The First "Meet in the Middle" is going to be held August 13-14, 2022. We have planned a visit on Saturday, August 13 to the Klairmont Kollection. The Klairmont Kollection is one of the largest private car collections in the country with over 350 cars including a number of Microcars and exotic prototypes. You can check out the collection at

On Sunday, August 14th the Meet will have our car show at the Hagerty Garage + Social facility. This is the site of what was formerly known as the Collector Car Garage building. There is room for over 300 cars on the

3-1/2 acre parking lot. It is a perfect location to show our cars and convene to give rides in our Micro and Mini cars which has become a featured event of our microcar events. 

You can register for the Meet in the Middle by clicking on the "Register Here! button on this page or by printing out the Registration Form and mailing it to us.

We are still finalizing a number of the details for the first "Meet in the Middle" and look forward to welcoming you and your family to our August weekend event.

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LEGAL DISCLAIMER: As a participant in the Meet in the Middle Micro Car/ Mini Car meet, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless forever Klairmont Kollections, all participating clubs, the organizers, all officers and volunteers from and against all liability and loss that I and or my family/guests may sustain or incur as a result of participating in the Meet in the Middle Micro Car/ Mini Car meet,, including but not limited to any personal injury, property damage or other loss.


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