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What are the dates for the Meet in the Middle?
The three day event will start on Friday, August 2, 2024 with the exhibiting of our cars at South Bend's First Friday civic event in downtown South Bend. On Saturday, August 3, 2024 we have been invited to show our cars at the Cars and Coffee put on by the Studebaker National Museum. Following the Cars and Coffee, you are invited to tour the Studebaker National Museum, the Oliver Mansion and The History Museum which are all located on the same site. Later in the day, you are invited to drive to the South Bend Chocolate Factory for a tour and to visit the soon to be open Indiana Dinosaur Museum. Later in the day, you can meet up with the group for a guide walking tour of Notre Dame University campus. On Sunday August 4, 2024 you can join us for a visit to the RV/MF Hall of Fame in Elkhart, IN

Where are the locations for the Meet In the Middle Events? 
The Friday event will be held in Downtown South Bend, and the Saturday events will be held  at numerous locations arouind South Bend.

What are the addresses of the event locations?
The address for the First Friday event is going to be on Michigan Street between Washington and Jefferson streets.

The address for the The Studebaker National Museum 201 Chapin Street, South Bend, IN 


The address for The History Museum is 808 West Washington Street, South Bend, IN


The Address for the South Bend Chocolate Factory tour is  24820 U.S. Highway 20, South Bend, IN


The address for the guided tour of Notre Dame Campus is Eck Visitors Center, 54855 N. Notre Dame Avenue, South Bend, IN

The address for the RV/MF Hall of Fame is 21565 Executive Parkway, Elkhart, IN 46514 Phone 800-378-8694

What are the Meet Hours? 
The First Friday downtown event will start at 5:00pm and typically runs until 8:00pm. 
The car show on Saturday will be at the Studebaker National Museum  from 8:00am to 10:00am Central Time.

On Sunday, you are encouraged to visit the RV/MF Hall of Fame in Elkhart, IN. It opens at 10:00am.

What is the cost for the event?
The cost to Pre-Register your car is $25.00 for your first car. If you want to bring more than one car, the cost is $10.00/additional car. If you do not Pre-Register, the cost is $35.00 for the first car and $10.00 for each additional car. 

You will have to pay all of the admission fees for the various museums on your own. We have negotiated a special group rate but you will have to pay it at each venue.

Studebaker Museum/Oliver mansion/History Museum $10.00/person

Chocolate Factory $ TBD

Indiana Dinosaur Museum $ TBD

RV/MF Hall of Fame $15.00/person

Walking tour of Notre Dame - NO CHARGE

How do I register for the Meet? 
Go to the Home page of this web site and look for the BLUE "Register Here!" buttonYou can go to the Registration section of the website and fill out the Registration form. After you fill it out, you can send it electronically to us with a PayPal payment for the registration fee and any T-shirts you may wish to purchase. We have also provided the Registration form in a pdf format that you can print out and manually complete and mail it to us. If you mail us the Registration Form, you can enclose a check for the Registration fee and T-shirts, if you want to order them.

Do I have to mail in my registration form? 
You can either fill out the Registration Form on-line or print it out and mail it to the address on the form. We also need you to mail your payment for the Meet and any T-shirts.

Will you refund my money if I decide not to come? 
There are no refunds of the show fee if you simply decide not to come. The registration fee will be refunded only if the show is not allowed to take place due to government restrictions.

Do I have to pre-order my T-shirts? 
Yes, T-shirts will only be available on a Pre-Order basis only. The price is $18.00/shirt. They come is sizes Small-3XL.
They will be available for pickup at the registration desk on the day of the show. 

What does the T-shirt look like? 
It will be a Gilden Ultra Cotton T-shirt with the Meet in the Middle logo on the front of the shirt. We are offering only adult sizes from small to 3XL. They are all priced the same. We may have a few extras at the show in case you order the wrong size, but no promises any will be available at the show.

What happens if I order a T-shirt but can’t come to the Meet to pick it up?
Since you will have pre-ordered it, we will mail it to you but there will be a $10.00 charge for Priority Mail shipping.

What are the lodging accommodation?
There is a separate page on the website that lists the recommended hotel . Please mention that you are reserving a room at the hotel in order to qualify for the special rate we have secured.

What are the cancellation policies at the recommended hotels? 
The hotel has its own cancellation policies. The hotel we have listed on the Hotel Information Page where we have a block
of rooms reserved have a special cancellation policy. Contact them is you have any questions.

How far are the host hotels to the the First Friday Event and to the The Studebaker Museum on Saturday?
It is approximately 4.2 miles. It should take you about 10-15 minutes to get from the hotel to the venues. It is about 7 miles from the Studebaker Museum to the South Bend Chocolate Factory/Indiana Dinosaur Museum, which should take about 15 minutes to drive. It is about a 20 minute ride from the Dinosaur Museum to the Eck center for the tour of Notre Dame. The RV/MF Hall of Fame is approximately 25-28 miles from the host hotels depending on the route you take. It should take you 40-50 minutes to get there from the hotels. If you prefer you can load your car up on your trailer and take your entire rig to the Hall of Fame, so that you can head out for home after your visit. There is plenty of room to park at the Hall of Fame.

Where can I park my trailer? 
There is plenty of parking at the host hotels for your trailer and tow vehicle. This will be totally at your own risk to leave it there.

Can I bring chairs and a cooler? 
Yes, of course you can, just leave room around your car for others to park.

Can I park next to my friends? 
Parking is going to be on a first come basis.  But if you are bringing two cars and want to park them next to each other, by all means do.  We don’t want to set up too many rules so let’s just have fun and enjoy each other’s company and our cars.


Can I put up a canopy as a sun shade or heaven forbid if it rains?

Yes, you can put up a canopy, but the area where the show cars are going to be is on a paved lot, so make sure you have some weights to secure the legs of your canopy. However, you will only be parked for the show for a couple of hours so there is probably little need for a canopy.

Will there be signs for me to put in my car window? 
Yes, we are going to provide a window sign for you to put on your front window. It will have your car number on it so people can use it to vote for their favorite car. We encourage you to have additional information about your car displayed so people can learn more about you and your car.

Can I bring things to sell or trade? 
Yes, we hope you do. There will not be separate area for a swap meet, but if you want to lay out a tarp by your car and offer up things to sell that would be awesome, especially if they are Micro/Mini Car related items.

Will we be able to give rides at the show?
Currently, we do not have plans to have a formal offering of rides to both fellow exhibitors and the general public on Saturday. We may have to do this on an informal basis which will be up to the individual car owners.

What about food at the show?
Since you will be moving between the various Museums there will be opportunities for you to stop and grab a bit e along the way. It is our understanding that the Chocolate factory/Dinosaur museum will also have a restaurant on site.


Are there rest rooms at the two venues? 
Yes, You will be able to use the rest rooms at the local stores on Friday and at the various museums on Saturday.


Sorry, we discourage the drinking of alcohol during these events. Remember you are driving your favorite cars and you don't want anything to happen to them. 

Are you doing anything special for the kids and grandkids? 

We are planning on having some folding Microcars for the kids available at the First Friday and Car and coffee events..

Are you awarding trophies? 
Since we aren't going to have our own separate car show we are not going to be awarding trophies this year.

How can I learn more about the The Studebaker National ACD Museum, the History Museum, South Bend Chocolate Factory, The Indiana Dinosaur Museum and the RV/MF Hall of Fame and the International Monster Truck Museum and Hall of Fame?
You can go to their websites , for the History Museum and the Oliver Mansion, for the South Bend Chocolate Factory, Indiana Dinosaur Museum is for Sunday event.   We encourage you to visit these Museums on Sunday. They are all world class museums, not to be missed.

Do we get a special admission price at the Museums?

Yes, we have arranged for you special group rates  of $10.00/person for the Studebaker National  Museum and includes the admission to the History Museum and the Oliver Mansion. All you need to do is show your Name Badge from the Meet in the Middle to get these reduced prices on tickets. The Group rate for the Chocolate Factory and Dinosaur Museum is $TBD. The Group rate for the RV/MF Hall of Fame is $15.00/person

Is there going to be a dash plaque for those who attend? 
Instead of a dash plaque, we are planning on giving out a window sticker to every car that registers. Most of our cars don’t have any room on our dash for a plaque.


Do you need volunteers to help out? 
Yes, we anticipate and would appreciate having people volunteer to help us out. We will need some help at the registration desk, help with insuring that cars are parked safely around the grounds and help cleaning up. Please contact Jim Golomb at if you want to help.


What is a Micro car and a Mini car? 
We are not going to get hung up on definitions of Micro and Mini cars. We want to be as inclusive as possible and hope you bring your car. Is the Meet in the Middle sponsored by the new Micro/Mini Car Club? I have been working with the Micro/Mini Car Club in setting up the club and volunteered to be the Events Chairman of the new club. The Meet in the Middle is not an official club event but has the full and complete support of the MMCC.

Do you have a social media presence? 
Yes, we do. We are on Facebook, please check us out by going to

I am flying in for the Meet. What are the closest airports to the Meet in the Middle? 
The closest major airport (SBN) o the events is South Bend, IN.

If I have any questions, who should I call or contact? 
Please call me, Jim Golomb. My cell number is 224-628-1657. My e-mail address is

Frequently Asked Questions

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